In this generation, there are so many numerous strategies that an individual can use to market their books without further procrastination. There are never best strategies but what one can do when it comes to book marketing is to mix and match the strategies for sure one will definitely work for you. The strategies will contribute greatly to the development of the brand and the platform.



Book clubs is an amazing book marketing strategy though found everywhere both online and offline in this generation, not many authors make use of this strategy. For the individual who want to market their book, it is wise to come up with end-matter questions and some other materials for the readers who are interested in using your book in those book clubs. The material provided will help in the engagement of the readers who will end up talking so much about the book with friends and people close and for sure the word of mouth is one key thing which is valuable when it comes to book marketing with It is important that one should add their book club materials to their blog.


Blogging is the next strategy used and it is done by having the book club materials posted on the blog and this intrigues the readers, and in the event that they have not yet purchased the book, they will end up buying one copy for themselves. For those who have the book already, these materials will be helpful for them to start writing a review concerning the book. It is wise for both the writers and those who are upcoming to create blogs which are always helpful as a book marketing strategy, a blog publishes instantly. The blog should be created for the book or using your name, but it is wise that you create a blog for the book and your name and in the end you link up the two blogs.


A writer is advised to create their page on the Goodreads website after publishing their book and give free copies of the book as a start. After a short while you might start receiving reviews for the book of the sites and be sure you will eventually get the sales. Learn more about marketing at


Because the first book you publish creates a market for another book, it is wise that one should write their next book so that you put it up on the market.



Finally one can develop a mailing list for their readers, and through this you will answer their questions well. Read more